Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How to use bluetooth to transfer files between Sprint Mogul and Ubuntu

Update: the best way so far is to use nueMassStorage, which allows you use your PDA as a usb drive.

In Windows, we can transfer files to and from the PDA using Activesync/Windows Mobile Device Center, no problem. However, in Linux (Ubuntu for example), there is a big problem: there is no activesync, and to make it worse, bluetooth seems not working very well, either.

I've finally got the bluetooth working between my Sprint Mogul and my Ubuntu desktop. Here are a few memos:

  • At the Windows Mobile PDA side:
    We need to install a package which adds a "ftp" tab in the Bluetooth setting. The package can be found at the 9th post of this thread.

  • At the Ubuntu Linux side:
    • To receive a file from the PDA: after having paired with the PDA, click "browse device" from the bluetooth icon in the system tray, the shared directory in the PDA will be shown, then you can copy any file in that directory to your Ubuntu Linux.

    • Unfortunately, the above method does not work for seding file to the PDA. However, it can be done in the following steps:
      1. Use this command to find out the device id of your PDA:
        $ obexftp -b
      2. Use this command to send the file:
        $ obexftp -b aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff -p your_file_name.
The above has been tested under Ubuntu 8.04 and Windows Mobile 6.1.


Unknown said...

I found that Bluetooth file transfer is extremely slow. It took me about 30 minutes to upload a 3.7M file to the PDA.

Unknown said...

A better way to transfer files between Windows Mobile 5/6 is to use WMStorage, which enables the PDA phone as a USB Storage device. WMStorage is free and can be found at .

Unknown said...

Update again.

Using WMStorage only gives us about 56k/s, still too slow for daily use.An even better solution is to use nueMassStorage at, which gives a transfer speed of 500-800k/s.