Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How to install Blackgold II sound card driver for linux

Blackgold II (黑金II) used to be a very popular sound card, and it has beautiful sound. However, the manufacture Togotech (岛谷科技) no longer updates its driver. This post tells you how to manually build and install the driver for Linux.

Take Ubuntu or Debian for example:
(1) Get the building dependencies:
sudo apt-get build-dep alsa-driver
(2) Download alsa-driver-*.tar.bz2 from ALSA Project and extract.
(3) Replace files in alsa-kernel/pci/cs46xx/ by the patched files from the following zipped package (the patch was applied on top of ALSA 1.0.18a):

(4) Build and install
./configure --with-cards=cs46xx --with-sequencer=yes ; make ; sudo make install

(5) Block the onboard sound card by putting in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf the following code:

# to use Blackgold II instead of on board sound card
blacklist snd_hda_intel

(6) Reboot, and we're done!

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