Saturday, February 11, 2012

How to write math formulas in blogger

MathJax provides an easy solution for displaying math formulas on web pages (including blogger). You can start writing blog posts with math formulas using latex syntax at blogger (blogspot) int the following two steps.
  1. At the dash board of blogger, click Layout->Add Gadget->HTML/JavaScript, and add the following code
  2. To write blog posts with math formulas, use \(..\) as delimiters for inline math symbols, and $$...$$ or \[...\] as delimiters for display style math equations.


Sobresaliente said...

It is sounds cool, but unfortunately it doesn't work with my blog recently created in blogger. :( However, I noticed that math formulas are shown correctly in your blog! It means that I do something wrong. But I don't know what exactly.

Sobresaliente said...

I've solved my problem. Dynamic Views was changed into Simple in Templates and math became shown correctly.

In any case thank you for useful article.

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Unknown said...

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Shivani Sharma said...

I've been creating mathematical formulas as images using ms paint. But I was not happy with that method. Now it seems i can get rid of that weird method. Thank you so much for sharing such a nice tip.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Rani Tarmidi said...

Hello, thank you for your article. It helped. But I have a question. Can I make the equation appear in the same line with the whole text? Thank you.

Unknown said...

+Rani Tarmidi: "same line" is what the post meant by "inline".

Ikram said...

Thank you. This is very useful.

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